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Undergraduate Studies

  1. Want to study in France for a full degree?

You want to obtain a Licence?

  1. How to find a program: Campus France offers a comprehensive search engine

  2. Enrol to 1st or 2nd year university (Licence 1 or 2): To register to 1st or 2nd year University (Licence 1 and 2), you need to fill a Dossier Blanc (DAP- “Demande d’Admission Préalable”). The file will be available starting end of November on the website and needs to be sent to the local French consulate or the Embassy by January 22 (deadline). You will need to take a French test called TCF-DAP.

Official link to DAP

  1. Enroll to a full program/degree (except for 1st & 2nd year university): To register to, you need to contact directly to the institution in France by contacting the International Relations office.