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Other Opportunities

  1. Find a program taught in English

Each year a growing number of programs taught in English are offered in France. Most of them will be in the field of engineering and management/business, but you will also find humanities, tourism… etc

Find a Summer Programs

Although most universities in France will be closed during summer, some summer programs are offered in English and various fields such as humanities, engineering, mathematics, business/management… etc.

You can find these programs in the catalogue “Programs taught in English”. Choose the field of studies and then use “summer” as keyword.

Want to learn French as a Second Language

In France

Should you want to learn French in France, we have a comprehensive catalogue that lists accredited institutions located in all regions of France. Courses are any level, any length and everywhere in France.

In Canada

Should you want to learn French in Canada, we have a large network of Alliances Françaises in major Canadian cities