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France Alumni

The France Alumni Canada Network digital platform will be launch on September 30, 2015 in Canada.


On November 26th, 2014, French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius inaugurated the France Alumni Network, the digital alumni platform developed by Campus France. This long-awaited, high-priority project aims to implement a network that will creation connections between foreign students who have studied in France and our embassies, institutions of higher learning, and companies. It also aims to offer this target audience a range of other services and functions.

The site will include cultural, tourism-oriented, and economic content produced by Campus France or its partners (TV5, Atout France, etc.).

Who is it for?

Alumni section:

  • -Former international students from establishments in France or French establishments elsewhere in the world, particularly scholarship recipients;
  • -Current international students at establishments in France wishing to join the network; and
  • -Current or former international interns in France or French companies in other countries;

Particular profile types:

  • -Former students (international or French) from the AEFE network, with measures in place to distinguish them from others; and
  • -International researchers trained in France, with a “researcher” profile.

Free access section:

There will be content in a freely accessible part of the website available to anyone (without creating an account), particularly candidates interested in studying in France.


Some services will be accessible to all registered members, but we still foresee the possibility of creating services reserved for particular user profiles (VIP users, paid registration, etc.)

Services that will be offered to alumni

Alumni will be able to access:

  • -The world directory of alumni, including a multi-criterion search engine (residences, host establishment, profession, areas of expertise, etc.);
  • -Job and internship offers listed online by partners;
  • -Thematic group discussions;
  • -Offers from local establishments of higher learning;
  • -Suggestions for thesis topics in France (link to the Alfred Kastler Foundation website);
  • -Online courses offered by French establishments of higher learning, particularly in collaboration with France Université Numérique (FUN);
  • -News and newsletters from Campus France, the Embassy, and its partners (by subscription);
  • -A schedule of events organized by the Cultural Service and its partners;
  • -Economic news;
  • -A link to the site “Parlons français, c’est facile!”;
  • -Links to the websites of France 24 and France Culture; and
  • -Reduced rates on products offered and events organized by local and regional partners, with the possibility to sign up online.

-Registered users will be able to interact with one another through a proprietary internal messaging system.

One site, four functions:

  1. -Finding and re-finding international alumni;
  2. -Promoting discussion between alumni, creating discussion groups;
  3. -Promoting awareness of events related to France; and
  4. -Staying connected with the economic and professional world.

The menu is divided into three sections, each with their own sub-sections:

  1. Community section

  • -Join: practical information, success stories
  • -Communicate : directory and features, accompanied by examples
  • -Share: introduction to subject-specific groups and their features
  2. Careers section

  • -Job offers: instructions and offers
  • -Highlight my French experience: feedback on experience, recruiter testimonials, practical advice
  • -Business France: French economic activity around the world, investment in France, tools and testimonials
  2. Magazine section

  • -Culture: Cannes Film Festival, literary events, international success stories
  • -French language: French (learning, re-learning, practicing)–but why? (testimonials)
  • -Return to France: tourism, art de vivre, savoir-faire, gastronomy, artisanal production, art, itineraries



  • For alumni, it means :

    • -Belonging to a worldwide network;
    • -Re-establishing contact; and
    • -Highlighting training and experience.
  • For companies, it means:

    • -Informing the community;
    • -Sharing information about job and internship offers; and
    • -Developing their brand and their activity.
  • For establishments, it means:

    • -Reuniting alumni;
    • -Encouraging communities; and
    • -Developing a sense of belonging.
  • For partners, it means:

    • -Expanding networks;
    • -Building contacts; and
    • -Offering opportunities

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