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"Saint-Simon" Initiative

A number of Universities throughout the Canada have been selected as French Embassy strategic partners. They will receive recurring financial support and yearly project-based support to fund a wide variety of activities and research. Starting in 2014, a steering committee of independent French and Canada personalities from the world of higher education will examine proposals for new membership on a yearly basis.


- A "critical mass" of high level academics and researchers
- A well-identified structure (mostly based on existing structures)
- A clear research and /or academic agenda
- A reasonable stability of funding and operating conditions over time
- A high level of international visibility and scientific connectivity


The French Embassy Saint-Simon Initiative, housed at major research universities, enhances the stature of France within European Union studies; promotes France-Canada relations through interdisciplinary teaching programs; encourages public-private and research partnerships with France; and innovates in the realm of outreach activities to encourage student interest in France.

The selected centers support the Embassy of France’s efforts in University cooperation by identifying and integrating existing research and teaching activities connected with France in their institutions, and establishing a framework through which these and other activities related to France can be facilitated and promoted.

A grant competition will yearly regulate the attribution of funding additional to the recurring subsidy for the Centers’ running costs. Funding will be attributed to projects that address one or several of the priorities of the French Embassy.

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