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Young leaders

Debate societies are among the most prestigious academic communities. Traditionally, they are where future managers of the country, companies directors and associative leaders are trained. The French Embassy in Canada and its cultural service work with these societies in order to make students know more about France.

Lamartine Debate

HartHouse, University of Toronto

Teams from across Canada debate, representing their universities. Teams from University of British Columbia, McGill University, University of Toronto and Dalhousie University already took part to the debate.

The last debate's judging panel included the French Consular General and the German Consular General.



The TV show Ripostes is back this year, brought to you by the Société étudiante des débats français de l’Université d’Ottawa and TV Rogers! See a debate every month in the Agora, recorded for TV broadcast.

Would you like to take part?  Register for the debating club, because this edition’s winning team will fly off to Paris thanks to Air France and the French embassy.

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