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Munk School of Global Affairs (Toronto)

Challenges of a changing world

The Munk School of Global Affairs and the French Embassy in Canada work closely to bring together the best minds to do leading edge research, convene experts for enlightening discussions of global issues, and educate students who move seamlessly across disciplines as they tackle global problems such as security threats that grow from powers jostling one another, the new world of cyber security, the challenges of justice in a world of conflict, remaking the global economy...

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Peter Wall Institute (Vancouver)

French Scholars Lecture Series

The Consulate General of France in Vancouver has partnered with the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of British Columbia (UBC) to bring leading French scholars to UBC in a program entitled the French Scholars Lecture Series / Cycle de conférenciers français à l'université de Colombie-Britannique. The program invited outstanding academics from France, from different disciplinary and research backgrounds, to participate in an open dialogue with their Canadian counterparts. The visit includes one public lecture and other discussions with UBC scholars. In addition to the public lecture, the scholar’s participation in seminars, symposia or informal discussions are encouraged, under the responsibility of the UBC host professor.

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School of Political Studies (Ottawa)

Major Issues in International Politics

The School of Political Studies of the University of Ottawa has invited graduates, researchers, and teaching staff from the French Grand École Sciences Po to come and take part in discussions with their Canadian counterparts. Following the public conferences, the School of Political Studies will hold a specialized workshop reserved for doctoral students. Finally, the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development (DFATD) is taking part in this initiative by organizing consultations within its own administration.

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