Saint Simon initiative & Debates

Saint Simon initiative & Debates

"Saint-Simon" Initiative

The term "Saint-Simon" refers to saint-simonism, which is a socio-economic and political doctrine, whose influence was essential in the nineteenth century.The name of the doctrine itself is inherited from Claude-Henri de Rouvroy, Earl of Saint-Simon, whose disciples and partisans are called "Saint-Simonians". Forward-thinking Saint-Simon perceived the inconsistency of a society, with Old Regime foundations that cannot be consistent with the gains of the French Revolution anymore. Thus, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, he provides - before most thinkers - for a substantive change of this society, and of its administration and its economy. In this fraternal society - that he wanted to pursue in all the European area - the most appropriate members (industrialists, scientists, artists, intellectuals, engineers, ..) are those who have to help France to become a prosperous country of entrepreneurial spirit, general interest and common good. That was the only necessary alchemy to ensure freedom, equality and, above all, peace.

In this state of - innovator and initiator - mind, the French Embassy in Canada started "Saint-Simon Initiative" accredited centres within Canadian universities. Theses strategic partners will receive recurring financial support and yearly project-based support to fund a wide variety of activities and research. Starting in 2014, a steering committee of independent French and Canada personalities from the world of higher education will examine proposals for new membership on a yearly basis.


The promotion of French expertise and the discussion of French ideas is a central part of the activities of the Embassy of France in Canada.