news / VANCOUVER - Pr. Mohamed GOUNE was in mission at the Department of Material Engineering of UBC

VANCOUVER - Pr. Mohamed GOUNE was in mission at the Department of Material Engineering of UBC

August 02, 2017 | By francecanadaculture Canada

With the support of the Embassy of France in Canada, Professor Mohamed Goune went to the Department of Material Engineering of the University of British Columbia (UBC); He is working with professor Chadwick Sinclair. They have been working together since May 2011.

Description of the project

The need to improve fuel efficiency and safety of transportation systems leads to a high and growing demand for lighter weight, more resistant and ductile materials. The nano-scale chemical variation induced by the carbon segregation to defects in a’-Fe-C appears to be an excellent potential solution. This is a powerful pathway to design nano-composite materials with exceptional mechanical properties. The use of experimental and modelling at the correct scale enables us to gain more insight into the physical phenomena involved. This work opens up new opportunities to develop new materials for transportation.

Pr.Goune had a talk on "A direct evidence of solute interactions with a moving ferrite/austenite interface in a model Fe-C-Mn alloy" during his stay at UBC.

Composition of teams involved in the project :

  • Pr. Mohamed Goune, Professor at the Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux (ICMCB) 
  • Pr. Chadwick Sinclair, assistant Professor at the Department of Material Engineering of UBC


You will find more information about the project in French, on FranceCanadaCulture.

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