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Bachelors' surprising rise

May 05, 2015 | By francecanadaculture Ottawa

This is the developing program in the french higher education. The number of students who take this program is rising. More and more private schools are developing it and we can thus find a hundred of bachelors in France today.

The increasing youth employment difficulties leads students and families to search shorter formations, more employment oriented and with an international dimension. This is what the bachelor is offering, contrarily to an undergraduate degree.

Reduced tuition fees

Student are saving two years of studies and fees are reduced in this program. Moreover, applying to a master is not forbidden after a bachelor.

New financial ressources

Bachelor offers many advantages to private schools such as an increasing number of programs and also an increasing number of students.

IEP and engineering schools create their own bachelors

A lot of bachelors are created in french private schools, for example in Instituts d'Etudes Politiques or Engineering Schools ; and in many areas such as tourism, design, computing, communication...

A big change in the hierarchy of diplomas ?

Maybe this is a reconsideration of the place of masters in France. The rise of bachelors demonstrate that things are not fixed in high education and that they can evoluate quickly.

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